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Elefantcar provides a comprehensive range of different models of tail lifts, meeting a variety of customer requirements and vehicle specifications.

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Cantilever Tail Lifts

Cantilever Tail Lifts

Cantilever tail lifts are the ideal solution for frequent platform use. These lifts can also be used to replace the back doors of a vehicle to improve loading and unloading speed.

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Retractable Tail Lifts

Retractable Tail Lifts

Retractable Tail Lifts are ideal for dock loading and unloading operations.

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Column Tail Lifts

The column lift is suitable for the transport of cars and motorcycles, designed for utility and light commercial vehicles.

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Tail Lifts for Semitrailers

Semitrailers Tail Lifts

Retractable lifts with aluminium platform especially designed to fit on semi trailers.

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